All together now.


Reporting in for a successful last few days of grinding to get the job done and get on the road! Check the above for proof (and admire those sweet pith helmets). We have been busy wrapping up our respective jobs, traveling, and generally juggling all of the daily responsibilities required, but we somehow managed. So today, we got on the road.


The final push began on Thursday evening, when Alex arrived and rolled back into town. We have not slept much at all since then, but the amount of work we've accomplished in that time has been fantastic. Since Thursday, we have:

1. Acquired multuparameter meters.

2. Fashioned, tested, and painted an outrigger. 

3. Fashioned, tested, and painted a sail.  

4. Designed and fashioned a splashguard.

5. Made stencils (thanks, Go Two Technologies!) and painted most of the postcards.

6. Painted the boat! 

7. Developed severe sleep deficits and had feelings that were in some sort of bizarre fever dream. 


It's been a wild half-week, but so completely worth it. Thank you to ALL of you who support and contribute (hello, Sidney Daily News!) Without all of you we would never have been able to put this thing together the right way.

One last thing -- we will be using the aforementioned stencils to represent an endangered species in each of the states we pass through, respectively, in order to raise some awareness about these critters. The list is as follows:

Minnesota: Whooping Crane

Wisconsin: Long-earred Bat

Iowa: Iowa Pleistocene Snail

Illinois: Rattlesnake Master-Borer Moth

Kentucky: Pallid Sturgeon

Missouri: Hine's Emerald Dragonfly

Tennessee: Least Tern

Arkansas: Ozark Hellbender

Mississippi: Bayou Darter

Louisiana: Small Tooth Sawfi

Those of you who have postcards coming, get hype. These postcards look pretty brilliant due to the shapes of these unique creatures (and some help of our talented family and friends helping out).


Keep your hustle on, folks. I know we will be. See you in a couple of days!